December Holiday Luncheon

Monument Chapter is one of 22 Minnesota State Society Daughters of the American Revolution chapters and one of over 3,000 National Society Daughters of the American Revolution chapters (NSDAR) in 50 states as well as 14 foreign countries.

NSDAR was founded in 1890 and is the largest women's lineage society in the world with over 182,000 members. Over 935,000 women have joined DAR in its over 125 year history.

Monument Chapter is one of the oldest and, with over 100 members, the largest Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) chapter in Minnesota.

The Monument Chapter was chartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Dec 11, 1900.  On Feb 2, 2013, the chapter charter location was moved from Minneapolis to Edina to more accurately reflect that most members live in the southwest metro including Edina, south Minneapolis, Hopkins, Eden Prairie, and Bloomington. Chapter meetings rotate throughout these cities.

One of the main functions of the Monument Chapter is to erect patriotic monuments in public spaces. To that end, Monument Chapter has erected the following monuments:

1917 Gateway Park Flagpole, Minneapolis, Minnesota

1929 Pew Marker, Fort Snelling Chapel, St. Paul, Minnesota

1939 and 2009 DuPuis House Flagpoles, Mendota, Minnesota

1973 Southdale Libarary Flagpole, Edina, Minnesota

1987 Bicentenial Rock, Tupa Park, Edina, Minnesota

2003 Normandale Elementary French Immersion School Flagpole, Edina, Minnesota

2004 Edina Public Library Flagpole, Edina, Minnesota

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